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Red Epic Dragon Package

Red Epic Dragon 6k DSMCI w/ V batt mount, PL or Nikon mount, 5" touchscreen, 12" evf cable, Top Plate with quick release handle, wooden camera bridge plate w/ 15mm rod + rods, 2x Red 256GB SSD, 2x 97wh batt w/ charger, 110v power supply $750/day

Sachtler 25p + CF II Stage Legs

Sachtler 25p + CF II Stage Legs with feet and carrying case $150 day

Portable Jib

Complete portable jib system with 50lb of weight... (you supply tripod) Expands 7-12' - includes weight lock mechanism $50 day

Underwater Housing for Red DSMC1 & DSMC2 Cameras

Amphibico Aluminum Housing with 9.5" Glass Mega dome / Glass Flat port, Ext Rings, 2 motors, 1 manual focus system and weights + Pelican Carrying case $1,000 / Day

Sola 8000 Lumen lights

Sola 8000 Lumen underwater lights Set of 2 lights with 1" ball mount and TLC Arm for housing mount. $95/ Day Also available as set of 4 lights.

Underwater ORCA 22,000 light

ORCA Seawolf EX2860 22,000 lumen underwater light with 45,60 and 90 degree coverage. Battery charger and Hard Case $175 / day

Dynamic Perception Stage Zero 3 Axis track

Dynamic Perception Stage Zero 3 Axis track Available in 6' or 3' track length. 3 axis motors, couple time-lapse / motorized slider control. Full control using NMX App on your phone. $125/day